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Sisters in STEM

About Us

About Us

Our Beginnings

Inspired by the cancellation of a local STEM event for girls in 2018, three Saguaro FRC Robotics students decided to create an event of their own. In just three weeks, they created a live STEM fair for students aged 5-15 and their parents across the Valley. With over 200 attendees, 45 student volunteers, and over 50 Phoenix professional and academic participants, our first year was a wild success - and taught us how much more we could do for our community!

Who We Are

We are students at Saguaro High with a passion for STEM - and we want to share that love of the sciences with everyone in our community! Supported by our MSA leadership, SUSD leaders, and mentors throughout the STEM professional community, we design, create, and run a broad array of STEM oriented events and initiatives within SUSD and for the broader Phoenix community.

What We Do

Each year, we host a large event, just like the one that gave us our start--except, bigger & better. Our events also travel with the SiS Roadshow, made possible by the Arizona Diamondbacks School Challenge Program. We also do book readings of Jada Saves the Day!, written by founder Kayli Battel. To find out more about our events, click here.

Why We Do It

Our events are by students, for students. We know what it's like to be the only girl in a computer science class, or the friend left to decorate the group project. Our events aim to change that, one child at a time, by showing all children that STEM is a field for everyone.