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The SiS Experiment Archive is perfect for those who can't make it to SiS events yet still want to have fun with STEM. Click here to find all of the fun experiments we've had in the past!

SiS Event Gallery Archive

Multiple students experimenting through SiS experiments
A group picture of SiS volunteers
SiS volunteers at SiS roadshow event helping young students discover their passion for STEM
SiS volunteer answering a student's question during Jada Reading event
SiS volunteer coordinator helping young student with experiment
SiS volunteers smiling during experiment
SiS volunteers walking students and parents through experiments
2 young boys being taught a STEM experiment by SiS volunteer
Young girl spinning on a chair created by the SiS team
Multiple young girls experimenting with multiple pre-made experiments set up by the SiS team
Girl being taught by excited SiS volunteer on how a simple construction can make the sound of thunder
Two SiS volunteers teaching 2 young boys a STEM experiment