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What is CyberSiS?

CyberSiS is an initiative launched with support from employees of Northrop Grumman in partnership with CyberPatriot. This program strives to teach students in grades K-6 about Cybersecurity.
With our increasingly technology-based future, it is becoming more and more important to educate students on internet safety. We decided we wanted to make a difference.
Saguaro High School Math and Science Academy volunteers, with CyberPatriot, used their technical knowledge to create presentations that educate students in Cybersecurity.
These lessons focus on the protection of personal information, malware, and social media in order to prepare students for the challenges they may face on the internet.
With a pilot program at a local elementary school, our volunteers have been able to teach lessons to five 3rd Grade and two 5th Grade classes in a live virtual classroom during the pandemic.
Connecting with students during COVID-19 is extremely important to us, and we are proud to be able to launch this program during such uncertain times.